Bicycle Super Mini Brake Light

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Product Description:

Color : Black
Bulb : Red LED
Running Time: constantly 50 hrs.
It flashes while you brake, Rainproof. Use an adjustable
stainless steel leaf spring switch. Can be fixed on sidepull
caliper brake, V-brake. Use a CR1025 battery. Mini Brake light,
with small size and light weight, can be easily installed on the
brake without using any tool. It can be installed on the V-brake
of mountain bike or sidepull caliper brake of racing bike. With
stainless steel leaf spring switch, Nano brake light can be
installed on a variety of brakes without affecting the braking
Link motion with the brake cable, Nano brake light can reflect
accurately the braking time. Whether traveling alone on the
road or team action, the safety would be greatly promoted by
using Nano brake light.

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