Push Button Cabinet

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  • Item Height: 5.22 cm
  • Item Width: 5.36 cm
  • Item Length: 6.45 cm
  • Item Diameter: 2.62 cm
  • Item Weight: 80 g
  • Material: Plastic Lock Housing & Zinc Latch
  • Finish: Silver plating (Pearl Nickel) as the pictures
  • Fit All Door Thickness: 14mm-22mm
  • Cut Hole Φ (Diameter): 26mm

  1. This lock is a new type with handle button type ship, yacht, rv.
  2. Furniture door lock. The lock itself with both locking function also handle function.
  3. Shake handshandle for gold processing.
  4. Matt Nickel, suitable for all kinds of furniture has the beautiful appearance, color elegant, simple installation, convenient to use.
  5. To avoid all kinds of yacht, boat, rv shaking in the process of moving and cause indoor furniture cupboard door open.
  6. Suitable for all kinds of Marine/Board 14-20MM boats, rv, land furniture drawers, cabinet door, cabinet furniture such as use.
  7. The lock just press the button, lock tongue down, pull the button to open the door, buttons in addition to can be used for opening and locking doors, also can use when shake handshandle. Button and ring surface plating pearl nickel.

Package Include:
1 Piece Push button lock

Shipping may take up to 3 - 5 weeks